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ati○on University ◆of China set up a ma○jor for Digit■al Media & Ar〓ts (oriented i○n digital entertai〓nment), whic●h focuses on● the planning and● ope


ration ◆of digital gam●es.Please sca●n the QR Cod○e to follow us ●on Instagra〓mPlease sca■n the QR Code ●to follow us 〓on WechatSq●uirrels tak〓e part in minia○ture Game ○of Thrones〓More galleri●esSquirrel○s take part in● miniature G〓ame of Thro○nesPlease scan the ●QR Code to foll

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San Antoni〓o Spurs head c○oach Gregg Popo〓vich said on Mo●nday that All■-Star forward Ka●whi Leonard w〓ill not play in ◆Game two of the◆ 2017 Western Con〓


ference fi○nals against the G●olden State Wa●rriors.Leonard lik●ely out for Spurs〓' Game two against W■arriorsLeona◆rd likely out for S○purs' Game tw○o against 〓Warriors05-16-20●17 11:23 BJTWASHINGT〓ON, May 15 (Xinh○ua) -- San A●ntonio Spurs■ head coach Gr■egg Popovich● said on Mo○nday that All-Sta○r forward K●awhi Leonard will n■ot play in ○Game two of the 2017○ Western C■onference f〓inals against◆ the Golden St〓ate Warrior●s."He's in an MRI ri〓ght now. We'll s■ee. We'll see what t●he MRI says. Bu○t, obviously〓, he won't pl◆ay tomorrow." ●Popovich said ●on Monday.Leonard ha◆d injured his ank●le in Game 5〓 of

San Antonio◆'s second-round se◆ries against the■ Houston Ro○ckets and mis〓sed the decid◆ing Game 6. A■nd he hurt ○the left ankle agai■n after landi●ng on the foot of Wa■rriors center Zaz○a Pachulia while〓 shooting with just◆ under eight mi◆nutes left in the● third quarter o○f Sunday's Gam■e 1 against ●the Warriors.After ◆Leonard left the〓 game, the ■Warriors cut the bi〓g 25-point deficit ◆by surging an 18-0● run to overt◆ake the Spurs● in the fourth q○uarter with a ●113-111 win● to take a 1-0 le●ad in the best-of-s◆even series.Pleas●e

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n WechatNHL ●to play first-ever ●preseason g●ames in Chi●naNHL to play fir■st-ever preseason● games in ChinaNHL○ to play first-ever ○preseason g○ames in China03-31-2●017 07:26 BJTThe NH〓L announced here● on Thursday● that the 〓Los Angeles Kin○gs and Vancouve●r Canucks wil○l play two preseas●on games in● Chin


a in Septemb〓er as part of th〓e 2017 NHL ○China Games, ●the first-

ever pre〓season games to b●e held in the coun■try.The first

game◆ will be pl■ayed on Sept○ember

21 at■ the Mercedes-■Benz Ar

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